Wednesday, May 22, 2013

8 Things I Hate

For the most part, I'm pretty laid back. Okay, I fib a little...since having children, I have been known to be a bit of a worry wart; As in, we don't stand too near the sea lion tank at the zoo, I check the buckle every time someone else puts my kids in their car seats, and I still check at night to make sure my three-year-old is breathing (though she's well past the SIDS range). Things like that. Notice, all of which are pertaining to my kids health and safety, and though a bit extreme, they are based on legitimate things. Some - or most - moms can probably relate to these things.

In addition to these little pet peeves of mine, there are a few other things, some of which pertaining to my kids as usual, that I hate. Hate is such a strong word, but I do, I hate them. I'm not that extreme, but a few (random) things in this world really get me riled up:

1. Smoking. Secondhand smoke, etc. - This has caused just short of World War III in our family as there are several smokers. I'm sorry (except I'm really not) I don't care who you are, what our relationship is, there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING in this world that would make compromise the health of my children because someone else chooses to put chemicals, lung killers, and cancer-causers in their body. It's disgusting, deadly, and my children won't be around it. Not to mention, the increase risk of death, SIDS, respiratory problems, etc. linked to secondhand smoke. My kids won't die for your bad habit. Here and here will explain a little more.

A few weeks ago, we made a late night Emergency Room run with V (No worries, she's fine) to a very nice Children's Emergency Room at one of the top hospitals around here. Walking up to the building, there were several people were standing RIGHT outside the ER doors, the Children's ER nonetheless, smoking. Ironically, I kid you not, standing also RIGHT next to a sign that said "This is a SMOKE-FREE Campus." Obviously, they couldn't read. I chuckled at their obliviousness, then gave the stank-eye for having to walk my baby through that cloud of smoke. I do give the eye for things like that.

Anyway, that rant was longer than expected - probably deserved its own post...

2. Crickets. I have a phobia. We'll leave it at that.

3. Artificial Sweeteners. Also, are evil like secondhand smoke, in my book. America is fighting an obesity epidemic, and sadly that has reached to our children, as well. It seems as though society is trying to grasp onto anything that limits our sacrifices while still achieving the same goal - to lose weight. I myself being a dessert lover, struggle with this as well. But the bottom line is, there have been countless studies that show so many ill effects of artificial sweeteners. They are for the most part chemicals and have side-effects linked to cancer, ADHD, MS-like symptoms, Alzheimer's symptoms, and even, ironically, increased appetite and weight gain. Those side-effects are worse in my opinion than having to get a little extra exercise to burn off the calories from REAL sugar or limiting your sugar intake period. I'd rather have the whole fat and calories of something natural in my body than the low fat and low calories of something chemical. I especially don't want to put those things in my children's bodies. That's not to say I'm perfect and we avoid those things at all costs, but you won't find them in our home, that's for sure.

4. Dust. This hatred spawns from excessive experience. Anyone else have black furniture? You probably feel me on this one. No matter how much we change air filters and I wipe, dust, and clean, 5 minutes later, the majority of my furniture has a slight white covering.

5. Road rage. I've been known to have a little bit of a temper myself, but one thing I rarely do (and this time I'm being honest, no sarcasm included) is get mad at people on the road. Well, I might get upset when they make a stupid or unsafe move, oblivious to other drivers but themselves, but screaming and yelling at them, then proceeding to chase them down to do it some more, only makes you look like a fool. Not to mention, while they are happy and obliviously driving along, your blood pressure and stress level is rising, so you just let that [quote] "freakin' idiot" get the best of you. Oh, and paying more attention to getting close enough to flick them off or tail gate their bumper is probably more likely to cause an accident, so now you're in the wrong too.

6. Balloons and candy in the check out aisle. A hatred I'm sure most moms have. These just force me to be a mean mommy and tell my child 'no' repeatedly. That or give in, both of which I do not want to do.

7. Racism. Need I say more? This one is probably so obvious and I hope most people think 'duh' when they read this, but it's sad how much you still see of this in this day-in-age from ALL races. It's sad, uneducated, classless, and ridiculous.

8. Critics of breastfeeding. Obviously. If you've followed me on this blog, Twitter, or Facebook you've probably seen evidence of this by now. It's just no one's business to judge nor discriminate against me based on how I feed my child - especially when it's the best way possible. I have a child who was bottle fed, and one who is solely breastfed, so I'm down with either way, I just with everyone would be. Embrace the boob, people. I would say "it's the 21st century," but actually breastfeeding has been around since well, the beginning of time. I believe the bottle is the "new" thing.

I'm full of love too, I'll post my "love" list here soon. It's bound to be much longer than this ;)


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