Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pizza for Breakfast???

"A pizza?? For BREAKFAST, Mommy???" Alexis was puzzled but pleasantly surprised when I served this one up for breakfast.

This fun food I did for breakfast instead of lunch or snack like I usually do. AND It's not crafted to look like a critter, or a flower, or an ocean scene, but it sure was a hit - a healthy hit for that matter.

What kid doesn't like pizza??
What mom doesn't like when their kids eat a wholesome breakfast??

I think the answer to both of those is "none."

This was super easy. I'm sure you can guess how I made it just by looking at it.
It didn't require a lot of prep, or an oven, or a stove. Just a toaster and a knife.

The "crust" is a whole grain toaster waffle, that I toasted then let cool a little. On top of the waffle I spread some yogurt. I topped it off with diced peaches, cut it like a pizza with a pizza cutter and that was it!

Alexis eats a fruit, yogurt, and some kind of grain every morning for breakfast but lately breakfast has been less than exciting and she's been less than enthusiastic about it. It's amazing how styling the same foods to look like something totally different can really pique her interest again. She downed it in 5 minutes flat, I think without even stopping to talk to me in between bites.

This is an easy one, any one can do it probably with the stuff you already have sitting around your kitchen.



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