Friday, August 10, 2012

Crustache Lunch

I posted a while ago on Facebook that I had found "the neatest" thing for my fun lunches I make for Alexis, and I never got around to using it because it got lost in the huge drawer of cooking utensils. The other day, I found it. Aha!

I don't think the makers of this thing could have named it any better. In fact, I probably would have called it this myself: Crustache.
I love it. Crust - as in sandwich crust, and ache- as in mustache. Get it!? Of course you do.

Anyway, it made for an extra fun lunch because not only was it fun shaped finger foods, but Alexis also got to style her little man.

He's cute :)

And apparently, a little frightened.

And this time, he decided to grow a full beard.

(Sorry for the lousy quality pictures of our Crustache man. I was struggling that day and I swear, I took 100 pictures of this one plate and none of them were turning out right.)

The Crustache gives you three different 'staches to customize your own lunch person's face.

To make our lunch person:
His mustaches are turkey on whole wheat tortilla, cut with the Crustache (how many times can you read one very odd word in one post?). His hair is shredded cheese - he's a red head, you see. His ears are mushrooms and YES, ALEXIS ATE THEM! (What wonders fun food does, I tell ya!) His eyes are white candy melts with raisins stuck on top. His nose is an orange candy melt. The plate is decorated with raisins, and the lunch man has a little raisin under her mustache for a mouth.

Happy Stylings!


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