Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Need of the Grocery Store: Sharkwich

Though I generally keep fairly well stocked with all the necessary "supplies," even I can admit that sometimes, I just need to go to the grocery store. We just returned from a week out of town, and while we stopped at the store to pick up a few - just a few - staples, my refrigerator was not well-equipped to deliver a huge variety of meals.

Even so, Alexis asked for a "special lunch" and while my first instinct was to tell her "Not today, we need to go to the grocery store," I opted to attempt to make her something anyway, with what little we had.

It's a sharkwich!
Shark + Sandwich = Sharkwich, get it ;)

I think he could have looked a little more 'shark-y' but he sure was cute, and Alexis knew right away it was supposed to be a shark so for a minimal ingredient lunch, he's a winner!

You can probably guess what you need to make him, and I'm sure everyone probably has these ingredients in their refrigerator at any given time.

To make him, I used: 2 slices wheat bread, sliced turkey lunch meat, 1 or 2 slices of cheese, and a couple blueberries. That's it, really.

I assembled your basic turkey and cheese sandwich: bread, turkey, cheese, bread. Done. Then I cut the top third off using a straight cut right across the top so I had about a 1-inch sandwich strip plus the bottom 2/3 of the sandwich. I used a circle cookie-cutter on the bottom 2/3 sandwich and only put the cutter on partially, to give me a straight top and half circle bottom.

The 1-inch sandwich strip got disassembled a bit. I took the cheese strip out and cut it into triangles for the shark's teeth, then laid them inside the half circle to complete the shark's  mouth. I cut the corners off (at an angle) of the 1-inch strip and laid them above the half circle sandwich to complete the shark's face. I topped that with a 'B' shape I cut out of cheese for his eyes, and topped the cheese with two blueberries to finish off his eyes.

His fin was a simple triangle of bread above his face.

The beauty of this lunch was that I got two for (almost) the price of one. Because V could care less if her lunch looks like a shark or not, I took all the scraps of the sharkwich, diced them up baby-size, and that's what she ate for lunch. Simple :)

Hope you enjoy chomping into this one!



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