Sunday, July 8, 2012

For the Grownups: Watermelon Moscato


That's what I've got to say. I feel like I've been every where, up down and sideways, these past two weeks. Every where but posting to the blog - which is a huge disappointment for me.

We did indeed spend some time at the beach - which many moms can relate to the feeling of family "vacations" being a little more like work than vacation while wrangling a couple of kids who are eager for anything except a nap - and busy getting some major household projects that we've been putting off for too long now done, as well.

Not to mention, Miss V's first birthday and party is literally just around the corner so you can bet I've been doing some major brainstorming, planning, listing, re-listing, ordering, mailing, etc. in anticipation of the event of the summer. You can count on all such will be chronicled here - from party favors to dessert - once the party has happened.

Anyhoo, with such the whirlwind amongst us, it is important to remember, as much as you put into your little ones' lives to make them wonderful and full of memories, you should give yourself a little treat every now and then as well. Here's one for all the grown ups out there ;)

Watermelon Moscato. So simple. So delicious. Perfect for summer.

I actually threw these together one night sitting around with my mom and sister after we had spent the day herding not two, but three little divas.

All you need is some fresh watermelon and your favorite bottle of Moscato.

Dice up your watermelon, saving as much of the juice as possible.

Fill your wine glass(es) us with the diced watermelon. I even poured the juice that was left on the cutting board into the glasses for extra flavor.

Top with Moscato.

and enjoy!


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