Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alexis, foreign languages..and stuff like that

Alexis. Oh, Alexis. I love her dearly but she gave her mommy a run for her money the other day. Answer for everything I tell you. She did a little time in time-out today. I told her I was pretty frustrated with her behavior and we needed to do a better job of listening, You know...the Mommy-mantra.

Alexis: Ummm..Mommy, are you happy?

Me: Yes baby, I'm happy. Especially now since you're being a good listener and doing like I've asked you to!

Alexis: Good. Because I don't want you to be mad, or angry, or frustrated, or, you know...things like that.

(Did she just say "or, you know...?" She did. She said things like that.)

Me: Okay...

Alexis: ...And I want you to use nice words Mommy. You know, nice Spanish...rojo. And some Chinese too.

Me: Sí, niña.



  1. Too adorable. Don't they just always know how to be extremely cute after a time-out???

    1. Always! And put you on a guilt trip for even putting them in time out because they are so stinkin' cute!