Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Fishy

It's summer! I know I missed the official first day; I've been busy thinking up new recipes and prepping for a special project ;) that I haven't even shared one of these in a while.

Last week, we spent some time at the beach and took the girls to the National Aquarium when we traveled back to where we are from for a family wedding. Since then, Alexis has been all about sea life, so I decided to make her this special lunch:

This one is cute, super easy, and adorable for summer - or learning about fish/sea animals.

The fish are cheddar cheese cut (by hand, no cookie cutters) into ovals for the bodies and small triangles or rectangles (the scraps from cutting out the ovals) for the fins and tails. Each fish has one green jimmie sprinkle pressed in for its eye. The bubbles they are blowing are blueberries. The ground/sand/sea floor is a whole grain turkey wrap cut into small slices, and my version of a coral reef or sea rock (not sure which, but it looked good) is banana slices. I also made some seaweed by arranging some steamed peas on the plate as well.

Green veggies are my favorite and I try to get my girls to eat something green every day. When they actually like them and want to eat them it's an added bonus. Alexis thoroughly enjoyed eating these peas :)

Happy Summer!



  1. Love! Those pea seaweed strands are so adorable!! How did your diner of my recipe for the chicken with basil/goat cheese turn out??

    1. Thanks! And it turned out delicious so thanks for that too! I had to keep the goat cheese a secret from the males in the family though, they aren't fans so they won't admit, but they sure ate that chicken! :)