Tuesday, June 26, 2012

grUVy Baby

I know, I couldn't help myself :)


Look at my adorable girl, I could just kiss those baby toes all day. She's quickly becoming a water baby, unlike her sister who was scared to death of the pool until last summer (but has since become a little fishy herself). We've been spending a lot of time floating around the pool and the beach lately, and she's loving it. Here she is at the pool, soaking up the sun - but not too much sun ;)

I'm that mom at the pool chasing after not only my kids but my husband as well, every time the life guard blows the whistle for a rest time, I'm there with the can or tube of sunscreen reapplying to everyone. The thought of letting my family get a sunburn that is pretty much 100% preventable hurts my heart.

The American Cancer Society says there will be over 76,000 new cases of skin cancer every year (as of 2012), and over 9,000 deaths from melanoma. The ACS also says "Many
studies have linked melanoma in the trunk and legs to frequent sunburns (especially in childhood)," so my mama-bear instinct kicks in and of course, I would do anything in this world to protect my children. If that means reapplying sunscreen and making sure they wear protective clothing while we bask in this beautiful weather, then that's what I will do.

Melanoma is so often linked to sun damage over one's lifetime, and it is also the most serious form of skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Society says that a person's risk of melanoma doubles if they have had more than five sunburns. Well, I can tell you, I've had my fair share of sunburns in my life...

Being a preschool teacher gives me the opportunity to know or be familiar with hundreds and hundreds of families. While this is such a blessing, there are often times it can be heart-wrenching as well because, perhaps by chance, that means I know or know of several families who are struggling to fight cancer somewhere within their family, and heart-breakingly, a few of those cancer cases are in young children.

I don't want to make anyone too sad with this post, though we remember those families feel that sadness every day. I know not everything is preventable, but if there are things we can do to better the chances for a long healthy life for ourselves, and more importantly, our children, then I say seize every opportunity for that.

With that being said, I was extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to share one of those things that can make protecting our children's health more simple.

And cute, too, might I add :)

(Woah! That sun is bright!)

That's better :)

grUVy Wear hooked V up with this adorable pink polka dot bathing suit that also happens to be UV protective. Like I said, I slather my girls in sunscreen before and during our outdoor adventures because the thought of letting them get burned is a no-go with me, and this suit really makes my job a little easier. I know that her sweet baby skin that is covered by her suit is protected from the sun with a 50 SPF!

Here is she is trying it on before we headed out to the pool. She's pretty excited to be wearing it :)

I was told the sizes run a little small, so I got her a 12-18months but the top is a little big but I think that's because I forgot to take into account that V herself also runs a little small. She can still wear a 6-9 months size at 11 months old so overall, I'd say this fit her pretty well.

I actually really loved this bathing suit. It was easy to put on her, and while it fit well now, it had a nice stretch to it so I'd be willing to bet she will wear it again next year. It seemed very comfortable - she splashed and played with full enthusiasm as always, and I could rest assured knowing that sweet little belly wasn't getting those harmful UV rays from the sun.

An added bonus to this particular suit is that the pool we ventured to this day was a little chilly, so I feel like this bathing suit kept her warmer both in and out of the pool BUT not too hot in the summer! It is super breathable as well; not to mention, very quick drying.

I also have an added bonus for you, my wonderful readers. grUVy Wear not only hooked V up, but they also hooked me up with a discount code for all of you :) If you use this code to purchase from their online store, you will receive a discount on your order:


But hurry - this code expires July 15th, so gear your little ones up for all those super fun and sunny summer beach and pool trips!

Have a wonderful and safe summer, y'all!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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