Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Pizza Rolls

I love my crescent rolls...if you've followed this blog for a while, you probably know that. It's been a while, so it was time to bust open a can - quite literally.

I've started this new work out thing because I had an epiphany about my post-baby body, and because I'm not really in great shape, I was exhausted. Exhausted as I may have been, my family still needed to eat dinner. What could I make that was quick and included all the major food groups?

Pizza rolls made with Pillsbury crescent rolls. We like pizza around here. Can you tell? I'm not a fan of big, greasy, extra fatty delivery though. Don't get me wrong, it's delicious, but not something I'd like to eat often health-wise. These were so easy, I made them, baked them, done. In less than 30 minutes, most of which were spent in the oven. And remember that sneaky zucchini sauce I made to get the kids the eat lots of veggies? That's what we dipped them in ;) Bonus: Extra veggies!

For four medium side rolls, you'll need:
1 regular can Pillsbury Cresent Rolls
About 1 cup shredded cheese
Other toppings to your taste: try veggies, sausage crumbles, bacon, etc.
If you choose to use pepperoni, I put 6 regular size turkey pepperonis on each of ours
Sauce for dipping. Good veggie-packed recipe here, or use your favorite.

Unroll your crescent rolls, and make them into rectangles by leaving two rolls stuck together and pinching the seam. Sprinkle about 1/4 cup cheese onto each rectangle, top with pepperoni or other toppings.

Roll up. Press the end seam to the rest of the roll, but you shouldn't have to worry about smushing the ends closed. Mine didn't bubble out, but a little melty cheese never hurt anyone if they do ;)

Bake at 325 for about 21-24 minutes, until golden on the outside.

Serve with dipping sauce.

You can't really see all the good stuff hidden inside, but you sure could taste it :)

Part of the fun was the dipping. I think that's why Alexis ate two whole rolls.



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