Monday, May 21, 2012

Cupcake Mugs

My little prima ballerina - who, of course, stole the show when she broke away from her group number to do her own solo act in the middle of her class' program - had her first dance recital this past weekend. I was so proud of her, I just laughed from backstage as she did not do one move that was actually in their rehearsed program but rather did her own thing. We're supposed to encourage uniqueness, boldness, self-confidence, and more importantly...she's three years old, strong-willed, and will be no body's puppet. So anyway, I wanted to give her and her closest friends who dance with her a special treat for after their performance, and I already knew they had tons of flowers coming their way so what else do three and four-year-olds love? 

That's right. Cupcakes!

I also happened to have been perusing the aisles of one of my favorite stores (if you are female, you know what store I'm talking about) when I found these adorable mugs (think 'dollar bins') that I knew I had to have. No clue (yet) what to use them for, but I needed them...and thus, the idea for these was born!

Aren't they SO stinking cute!?

I ended up packaging them in clear confection/snack bags with a pink spoons and polka dot napkins. These would be great as party favors, in fact, I think our next birthday celebration will probably include these as favors. They were so simple and adorable. Not to mention, the girls devoured them.

So in this case, the project was more about presentation because...I used boxed cake mix! I know. But really, that just adds to the simplicity factor, which is always a bonus!

I made 24 chocolate cupcakes as per the recipe on the box. For the four of these cups, I only ended up using 6, plus 1/3 of an average size tub of chocolate icing, also store bought.

For four mugs:
Split each of six cupcake (sans cupcake liner) in half. Roughly, you'll have a cupcake top, and a cupcake bottom from each. In the bottom of each cup, drop one half a cupcake.
(I used decorator bags to pipe my icing so it was less messy).
Pipe a small amount of icing to cover your first cupcake layer in each cup. Top with another cupcake half, and layer of icing. Repeat one more time so you end up with cupcake-icing-cupcake-icing-cupcake-icing, or a three-layer cupcake parfait ;)

Decorate with sprinkles or extra icing. I used hot pink sugar sprinkles, and light pink candy pearls (below) for that extra girly touch.

Place cup, plastic spoon, and 1 rolled up party napkin into a medium confection/snack bag and tie.

And here's my princess enjoying her cupcake post-dance recital :)



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