Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Gets the Ransom Money

Every. Single. Day...whilst her mother does dishes, or pays bills, or prepares food - all of which happen in our kitchen - this is what sweet little V does:

Meanwhile, long have been posted my "MISSING: REWARD" signs for my beloved cheese grater. It has been missing for quite some time and we've scoured the kitchen, completely emptied utensil drawers, looked in cabinets, toys boxes, etc. I swore it literally sprouted legs and walked away or the over-worked-and-under-paid-kitchen-tool fairy came and rescued it while we slept, so snug in our beds. It's definitely one of those two options, or it has run off to the Bahamas with my keys. I think that about covers all the places it could be right? Right.

Yesterday, Vivian pulled every last thing from this drawer so instead of the usual quick toss-style clean up, I sat down on the floor to reorganize the drawer. When lo and behold:

BEHIND the drawer! I swore I checked behind, up down sideways of every locale in the kitchen. Must have missed this. For a long long long time, because this is what else was back there:

I'm a bit shamed to admit...those Teddy Grahams are from Halloween 2009 and the yogurt melts, from Alexis' babyhood - they expired in April 2010 :/
When I clean my house, I clean in drawers, tops of cabinets, baseboards, everything. But I guess not as good as I thought or else the grater, measuring scoop, and petrified snacks might not have been MIA for so long. I think V secretly knew it was back there the whole time, which is why she insists on tearing out that drawer every day - in hopes I'd find it. 

Now if only she could contact whoever is holding my keys hostage...


*This post was originally featured on another blog I keep for personal writing and was listed on the "Yeah Write Me" blog board, it has since been relocated here, comments and links to Yeah Write did not transfer.

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