Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alexis the Storyteller

My keys have been MIA for a few weeks now. Luckily, my car keys are kept on a separate ring than my mess of keys to every other house in my family, so I've been able to drive. I've also had my husband around to unlock the house for me when need be (how chivalrous), but he's not here tonight so naturally, AFTER leaving the house this evening and locking the front door, I then questioned how I was to get back into the house. "Hello? Chopper? You in there? If you unlock the door, I'll let you eat the whole box of milk bones!" That wasn't going to work. Hmmm...

I thought I had left my keys over at my mom's house since after tearing my own house apart, they were still missing (probably with my cheese grater). I checked her house this evening, also to no avail, but thank goodness my brother dug out a spare that was kept in a crumpled up sandwich bag, just in case. I was able to return home without breaking a window or teaching the dog to turn handles through said window, but I got to thinking...could little hands have scooped those keys which are always kept in my giant, over-stuffed diaper bag and taken them for a little imaginative play? It's a great possibility since after foraging through the playroom in hopes of finding them I found a bottle of baby lotion, two combs, and a pair of my flip flops.

Me: Alexis, you know Mommy's big keys? With the big flip flop [key chain] on them?

Alexis: Uh huh!

Me: Do you know where they are???

Alexis: Ummm, yea! In my basket! I needed to keep them safe. They are safe, in my basket.

(Hallelujah! Don't even act upset she took them. This is like a criminal interrogation, I have to remain in friend territory to get the answers I want. No need to be upset now, we might just be finding the keys and if she thinks she's in trouble, she'll fib and say she hasn't seen them)

Me: Oh? Okay, great. So...when we get home I need you to be a BIG helper and go RESCUE those keys for me okay?

Alexis: Okay, I can rescue them! From my basket...

Me: Okay, as soon as we get home then.

Alexis: ...but, Mommy? You don't have keys, you can't unlock the door! I can't go rescue them if we can't get in because you can't unlock the door becauseyoulostyourbigkeyswiththeflipfloponthem!


Me: Yea, Uncle Kevin gave me a key. We can get in, and you can rescue Mommy's keys.

Alexis: Weeeeell...I can't because...I was just telling a story. That was a story about the keys in the basket. They're probably in the basket DOWN STAIRS Mommy. The basket by the phone.

Me: No, they're not. I've looked there. You don't know where they are?

Alexis: Yea! In the playroom!

Me: Okay, go get them from the playroom when we get home then.

Alexis: I can't! I was just telling a story again. Just like a story about they keys in the basket! 1 story...2 it's bedtime!!!

Me: [...speechless...]

[...Still speechless...and keyless...]



  1. Oh no!!! So sorry you have lost your keys! But I am laughing over here. She is hilarious. :)

    1. And we STILL have yet to find the keys! I hope she always keeps a sense of humor about things, it's a good trait to have :) Glad it gave you a chuckle!

  2. So cute! My daughter has a very selective memory & guilty conscience, so she has led me on many a wild goose chase, too. I hope you find your keys!

    1. Thanks! STILL haven't found them! I mean, they've really gotten themselves lost this time. Kids are so silly sometimes, the wild goose chases are often for sure. Sometimes I want to laugh and cry at the same time because I want what I'm looking for but her approach to finding it is hilarious. A reader on the other side of my blog (Confessions page) just jogged my memory about a time Alexis decided to play with, and lose, my wedding ring set :/ Luckily, THAT wild goose chase FINALLY ended well.

  3. Ahahaha! That is too hilarious. Just telling a story.... hahahaha

    1. Just telling stories is a hobby of hers! She likes to tell ms stories about when she "used to be a boy/baby/grown up/dinosaur, etc." and things that allegedly happened to her during those times! She's a riot! BTW - WE FOUND THE KEYS!!! in my diaper bag...