Sunday, April 15, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of Sunshine

I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight, I've been brainstorming a new recipe which I was hoping to try tomorrow and that would be my next post (assuming it turns out okay!) but I took these a few weeks ago while visiting my sister and I have been dying to upload them.

It had been a little bit of a "tense" weekend and we all needed to get out, so we took the THREE little birds (my niece being number 3) to the park for a while to get some fresh air and sunshine :)

As parents, it's our job to lovingly guide our children...

...and reassure them down this road (or bridge, same thing) we call "life"
(My sister, her husband, my niece)

...and to teach them to stop, and take in the scenery every now and then.

There will be hurdles to climb...

...and beasts to tame :P
(my Alexis)

...but as parents, we let our children know that we will always be there watching over them (from the frog on the playground).
(My brother-in-law and niece)

And be assured, they will be watching you too :)

When things get tough...

Sometimes you just have to let it out!

or take a minute to realize the therapeutic effects of a simple swing.

Hope this brightened your day a bit.
More fun & yumminess just ahead!



  1. Oh, how I love this post. The pictures and the message are just perfect. Thank you for making me smile today! :)

    1. You're welcome! And thank you for stopping by to check them out :)