Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mini Florentine Breakfast Bakes

I didn't sleep hardly a wink last night. Literally. The last time I looked at the clock in my struggle to sleep was 5:15am and the sun was beginning to come up. Of course, the girls were up at their regular times so that left me with close to no sleep. I've been very, very tired today so I tried to stay busy to keep from nodding off. Making things, whether it be a cute craft or a yummy recipe, really is relaxing and stress-relieving to me. I like to think up my own recipes or variations of things, so when I create something and it turns out great, I get a happy burst for sure. If you haven't noticed, I have a fondness for chocolate but I knew better today, that chocolate would just make me crash even more. So in order to keep the sleepies and grumpies away, I decided to make something, and instead of giving myself a sugar crash, I thought protein for energy.

Spinach and (turkey) bacon. Two of my favorites! :) The possibilities for filling are endless though...
I actually made something like this before a while back but never posted it. So today, I made it again, even better this time, and now I'm sharing.

Basically, it's a croissant bottom (Pillsbury crescents, of course!), filled with egg, cheese, spinach, and turkey bacon. I didn't make them in a muffin tin though, the way most people would concoct something like this, I made them in my second favorite baking prop - my Pyrex cups which you've probably seen featured many times on here :)

I actually had all the ingredients just laying around, desperate to be used before they expired. The eggs, left-over from Easter (stragglers that didn't get hard boiled), the bacon, pre-cooked left overs from breakfast a few days ago. The spinach, from a bag that needed eaten...and the crescents? Oh the crescents. I always keep some on hand, and as Jimmy was so delicately carrying in the groceries the other day, he popped open a can. So I did a quick rescue mission and stored the dough in a freezer bag, but I didn't know how long it would keep that way so I needed to use it soon.

What I love about these is they make for easy clean up. You can make and serve them in these dishes and they look and taste great. Plus, as usual, quick and easy!

To make 4, as seen here, you'll need:
1 small can (4 count) Pillsbury crescents dough
2-4 large eggs (depending on taste, and amount of other mix-ins. I used 2, but as you can see, the cups could have been filled more)
A handful whole-leaf baby spinach
A few sprinkles of shredded cheese - I used a jack mixture
3 pieces bacon - cooked to almost done and chopped. If you prefer extra-crispy bacon as I do, cook your bacon completely, then chop (if you use turkey bacon, which I always do, please read labels and make sure you're not buying "mechanically separated turkey." That's one of my health pet peeves, that stuff is terrible)
Plus, 4- 6 ounce baking dishes or other oven-safe dishes

Grease your dishes well - butter or cooking spray will work. In the bottom of each dish, put one crescent roll, flattened and shaped to fit in the bottom, edges turned up slightly. Right on top of the dough, add a few leaves of spinach to each dish.

Beat your two (or three...or four) eggs in a separate dish (salt & pepper to taste if you like, I did not add any. The bacon had enough flavor). Pour a little into each dish, right on top of the crescent dough and spinach. My egg just covered the spinach layer. It rose only slightly during baking, so like I said, you could definitely add more egg if that's what you like.

Top with chopped bacon and shredded cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for right around 20 minutes or until egg is set.

I put my four dishes on a cookie sheet for easy in-and-out of the oven.

Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly - the dishes will be HOT!

I hate dirty dishes, so what I love about these is you can either serve them right in the dish you baked them in, like above...or... can easily pop them out and serve them on a plate.

Either way, they look beautiful and taste delicious.
Alexis and I actually ate these for lunch today :)

Other variations for filling could include: crumbled sausage and apple; diced tomato, spinach, and feta cheese; plain egg and cheese, ham, onion, and diced green peppers. Really, you can fill them with whatever you have a taste for! So simple and so versatile - that's what I love.

Hope you enjoy, Happy Baking!


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