Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Magic Jelly Beans Game

It's been a few days and I think I'm having blog withdrawals. We've been out of town for the last four days visiting my sister and her family and attending a baby shower. There hasn't been much time for baking or crafting and my kitchen (and blog) are very lonely.
As we were getting ready to leave my sister's house yesterday, I noticed my brother-in-law had put a perfect-condition cardboard egg carton in the pile for recycling and for some reason, I was compelled to ask for it. It just looked like it could be used for something great, not that I knew what, and I hated for it to go to waste so I thought I'd "recycle" it myself.

We arrived home last night and I was going through all my spring stuff, and apparently a few months ago, I really really had spring fever and started picking up bags of plastic Easter eggs whenever I saw them. What to do with them all? Yes, we'll have an Easter egg hunt on Easter of course but I thought I should be a little more creative.

If you remember, in my Easter Basket Puffs post, I said "I hate jelly beans," which I do. Normally. But I can admit that Jelly Belly does make a few flavors that actually taste yummy, so I suppose my distaste for jelly beans is subjective. Anyway, I picked up a bag at the grocery store since Easter is almost here and I can't imagine going through the whole holiday without jelly beans.

I decided to make a little learning game for Alexis with all the things I had gathered.
I peeled off the original label from the egg carton and made my own. I also decorated the side of the box with regular ol' markers.

I didn't like the expiration date on the side, so I also made my own label to cover that.

I also didn't like the nutrition label on the inside lid, so I made a pretty sky to cover that. Then I used construction paper to cut out small circles to put into the egg compartments to give sorting classifications, obviously I chose color sorting.

I popped a few plastic eggs in there to fill the extra compartments, to hold the jelly beans when the game isn't in use, and to add a little more fine-motor play just for fun.

Jelly Bellies come in so many colors so they were perfect for this. There were 5-6 jelly beans of each color, but you could use more or less depending on the age and developmental appropriateness for your child. Alexis actually asked for more, but I'm saving some of the beans for another project...I may just have to buy more!

Sorting things into different categories helps develop early math skills and problem solving skills, so not only is this adorable for Easter, it's educational as well! Alexis also loves that Mommy makes her "special games" that only "big girls" can play with and "not babies." Plus, tell a child anything is "magic" and they are usually hooked ;)

Happy Sorting!



  1. I found your post via pinterest. I love the idea of using jelly bellies, since there are several different shades of color in a bag. Thanks for posting another fun use for the egg cartons that I too have a hard time throwing away :)

    1. Relieved to hear I'm not the only one that sees value in a simple egg carton! Glad you like it, and yes, the Jelly Bellies were nice because they had a lot of colors AND there were different shades of each color. I thought that was nice so we can learn to recognize "red" and "yellow" in many different shades :) Thanks for reading!