Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Chick Lunch

Alexis has taken to actually asking for a 'special lunch' every day now when it gets to be about "that time," and most of the time I oblige. Since I'm making so many of these 'special' lunches, I'm finding myself needing to branch out and get even more creative with the food we have in around already (key phrase: "the food we have around already." Don't forget the motto - Quick & Easy). This one actually turned out to be cookie-cutter-free just like this one I did last week, though that was not the intention. In fact, most people probably have all these ingredients in their kitchens right now ;)

It being Easter-time, I have an abundance of eggs in the refrigerator. I always keep eggs, especially since I've been even more strict on the healthiness of the food my family eats (I know you're staring at the chocolate pudding and thinking that I'm a hypocrite. I believe in natural, mostly organic, unprocessed food...but, I also believe chocolate & dessert are good for the soul), but Easter brings lots more eggs than usual.

Anyway, I'm sure we've all seen these making their way around the internet by now. They are adorable, really really adorable. I just didn't have the time to make a whole batch of deviled eggs. Instead, I already had some eggs hard-boiled in the refrigerator, so I sliced one into thirds. The two thirds that have yolk in them are my chicks (laid flat) and the top is the top of the egg they hatched from. My chicks' eyes are tiny bits of raisin that I chopped up, and their beaks are pieces of shredded carrots. They are nesting on one half of a whole grain English muffin and shredded carrots.

The ground is chocolate pudding :) with my Spring-time go-to green coconut "grass," with blueberry flowers. I also added some ranch dressing clouds for dipping the carrots, and a cheese sun...that I cut by hand if you couldn't tell. I've made clear, that things do not always turn out the way I envision them to and this sun was one of those things. It reminds me of a comic strip 'POW!' bubble more than a sun, but Alexis knew what it was and loved it, and that's what counts.

Easter is just around the bend, I hope you're all as excited as I am!


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  1. how cute! I love the coconut grass with blueberry flowers! so cheerful :)