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Yuengling Cake Pops for Grown-Ups

My blog is called 2 Little Birds for my two daughters, who are the reason or inspiration behind everything I make and do. Likewise, on this blog you'll find family/child friendly recipes and crafts but like any good parent, I know that every now and then even the best need a good dose of something for adults.  Since I wouldn't have my 2 sweet "little birds" without my husband, I thought he deserved something just as cute and fun for his birthday as I make for my here it goes...

Yes, yes I did make "Beer Mug" Cake Pops. And yes, the cake is made with Yuengling beer (my own recipe, btw). 

So here's how I made them...
(Disclaimer: I say this is "my recipe" and after I made them, I wanted to be sure it was really mine so I did some searching and actually couldn't find anything close to it with a basic Google search. I found nothing, so I'm going to go ahead and claim that it's mine, though I'm sure a search professional could probably scrounge through the internet and find something similar.  Something I've found is that via the internet, you often realize your "great ideas" were not in fact yours first...but who knows. Anyway...)

Get your huge list of ingredients:

Yep. That's it for the cake. A box of regular ol' yellow cake mix and a 12 ounce bottle of Yuengling.
I know, hard to believe but it really works, I guess similar to the Diet Coke Cake.
Because I was making cake pops with this cake, I didn't care if it held together all that well so I didn't add eggs. You could make this into an actual cake, if you chose to do that, go ahead and add in 3 large eggs.

If you are making the cake pops like I did, you will also need:
1 tub Chocolate icing
White, Yellow, and Light Cocoa Candy Melts
Pop sticks (the 4-6" sizes work best)
1 disposable decorator's bag
Several mixing bowls

Pour cake mix and beer into medium mixing bowl and blend with hand mixer.
This recipe makes slightly less cake than the recipe on the box, so I poured the entire mixture into 1-9" cake pan (Greased and "floured" but if I'm making something that's leaning towards a chocolate flavor, I use pure cocoa instead of flour. It serves the same purpose but it tastes yummy :)  )

Bake according to box, plus a few minutes. Mine baked at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes (instead of the recommended 31 minutes).

Let cool completely on a cooling rack.

Now it's time to ball this cake...

When I make cake pops, I need a cup of coffee and my trusty LARGE mixing bowl.

Dump your cake, the whole thing, into the bowl. Add the tub of chocolate icing. Actually, I generally use about 5/6th of a tub (such an exact measurement? Not really, I just don't use quite the whole thing). Mush mash and mix, mix, mix (your hands will work the best for this and it will be very sticky) until you have a gooey, soft play-doh consistency.

It will look something like this.

I then washed and "floured" my hands  although, again, instead of flour I used cocoa because I used chocolate icing. Scoop out equal globs of your cake mixture and roll them into balls.

The trick I learned is to not make them too big or too small. The balls works best for me when they are around 1.5" in diameter.

To make the beer mug, I rolled my cake ball to make a wide snake shape (like children do with play-doh) then smashed the top and bottom flat. 

When I was done, this is what I ended up with. 16 "beer mugs" and 16 cake balls from this batch.
Pop these all in the freezer for a little bit to help them set.

For the lager-like color of the candy coating, I used roughly equal parts red, white, and light cocoa candy melts (you can play with the colors as you melt them to get the color you want for your "beer").

I put my candies in a tall, microwave-safe coffee mug to melt. One thing I learned is to melt your candy in something deep enough to cover the whole cake ball (or whatever shape) in one smooth dunk. It helps keep the coating smooth, which can sometimes be tricky to achieve.

Melt in microwave on the defrost (or half power) setting, and contrary to the instructions on the bag, I melt mine in 1 minute increments, stirring with a fork in between each time, until I have a super smooth texture.

Dip the end of your pop stick into the candy first, then insert about 1/2" into your cake shapes. Wait a minute for that to set...

Then dunk and pull out your cake in one motion then tap of the side of the glass or bowl to remove excess candy and minimize it "running" before it sets.
Alexis asked me if I was dipping marshmallows :) They DO look like marshmallows.

Let the first layer harden almost completely before the next step in decorating.

For both the foam on top and the handles, I mixed the same color candy melts in a disposable, microwaveable decorators bag. I used mostly white and yellow candies, and only a few of the light cocoa candies to get the light tan color. Melt these the same way in the microwave, only in the decorator's bag and you can just mash the melted mixture in the bag instead of stirring with a fork.

To make the handles I snipped a small hole in the bag and piped them out onto a piece of wax paper then stuck them in the freezer while I did the "foam."

Make the hole in the bag a little bigger and drizzle the candy on top to make your "foam."

When you take them out of the freezer, the "handles" should pop off the wax paper. Attach them to your "mugs" with a little melted candy.

Look at all those cute little mugs!!!
and they're made with the real thing. I'm sure all the alcohol baked out of the cake so I guess kids could enjoy them too. I'd like to try this same recipe with root beer and you could call them "root beer mugs" and they'd definitely be kid friendly.

These are also perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

Oh are the cake balls...
(don't mind the puddled chocolate. I'm not so great at these yet)

Oh and wait a minute. I had some left-over melted candy and I can't bare to waste good chocolate so here's what I did with the left-overs...

Chocolate covered bananas :)
So if you're in need of a chocolate-covered-something fix...our house is where it's at! ;)


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  1. This is great! My brother loves Yuengling and this is the only recipe I could find on the internet! Thanks!