Monday, March 5, 2012

A Tweet Little Lunch

Tweet, Tweet, Tweeta-li-deet!

I was feeling spring again (though it's much colder these last few days and some people even got snow!) when it was time to make lunch today, and after playing and cutting and reassembling, this is what appeared on the plate...

A birdie in a tree!
The tree is whole wheat tortilla that I cut by hand to look like branches.
The leaves are broccoli cuts and spinach tortilla with turkey and cheese that I also cut by hand to be shaped like leaves.
The birdie is turkey on a whole wheat tortilla with white and orange cheese on top.  I layered them so when I used my cookie cutter, the bird's feet would be orange and the body would be white.
His beak and belly I also cut by hand out of orange cheese. His eye is a raisin as are the "knots" on the tree branch.
His nest is yogurt topped with chow mein noodles with blueberry "eggs."
For a little extra pretty, and dessert of course, I made two dogwood-style flowers from candy melts cut in half and a raisin for the center.

Enjoy!! :)


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