Saturday, March 24, 2012

Turtle Shell Banana Muffins

On mmmmm?? Tuesday, when I posted the Turtle Lunch made with the cute little "Turtle Shell Banana Muffins" that I adapted from a muffin mix, I wrote that I'd post the recipe for the muffins "tomorrow." Then, on Wednesday I made these cute little Easter Basket Puffs and these Cheesecake Raspberries and got really excited to share both of those things, so instead of posting the muffin recipe, I jumped over that and shared the other two on Wednesday and Thursday.

Here it is Friday, actually...Saturday morning, and I feel I need to make good on my word and share how to make said "Turtle Shell Banana Muffins" so you can enjoy them and/or make your little ones the Turtle Lunch. It's so easy, I almost feel guilty calling it a "recipe" rather than a "method" since I used a bagged muffin mix and didn't tweak it too much to get my own result.

Sooo...I made nine muffins using a six-muffin mix (I didn't need 100 "turtle shells" so I just used a mini bag of mix).  Just about any light-colored flavor of muffin mix that couples well with banana will work for this recipe. Coconut sounds good. So does vanilla...or lemon. I used a basic Cinnamon & Sugar mix which helped my edges to brown some, giving it the perfect "turtle shell" look. So you'll need your muffin mix and ingredients according to the package, a ripe banana, and green food coloring. That's it. Really. I told you, I feel a little guilty calling it a "recipe" but I think we've established by now, that with the exception of cake pops, I prefer "quick and easy" with maximized presentation and deliciousness.

Whip up your muffin mix.

Add green food coloring and stir until it's all green but don't over-mix; Muffin mix should be slightly lumpy for best muffin consistency. You could add your food coloring before you mix it at all to make sure you don't stir too much.

Grease a regular-sized muffin tin very well (we're not using liners here and you want your muffins to pop out easily once baked). Fill each cup only 1/4 way full then add a few thin slices of ripe or over-ripe bananas. I used two in each muffin but I'd put up to four or five if you really like banana. Top your banana slices with another tablespoon or so of batter. Don't worry about completely burying your banana, it will get covered when the batter spreads while baking. Normally, you'd fill muffin cups about 2/3 full. In this case, we wan't to fill them only about 1/2 full so they don't rise over the top of the cups. A flatter muffin with the edges turned up slightly (usually happens while baking) will make for a more turtle-shell-like shape.

Bake. The time and temperature given on the muffin mix package worked  perfectly for these without variation.

When done (tops will look slightly browned, dry but still shiny), remove from oven, allow to cool, and eat! Or make this cute little lunch with them. They aren't much to look at - all decked out like a turtle shell - but they sure do taste delicious and fit the part of Mr. Turtle's backside :)

Green food is good food (unless it's moldy :) )!


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