Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rainbow Printing

Alexis loves to paint and I love the holidays, so in order to teach her hands-on about some St. Patrick's Day traditions (like the leprechaun's pots-o-gold at the ends of rainbows) we made some colorful rainbow prints with paint.

There's something so exciting and magical about how young kids still believe these tales of whimsical creatures and the stories that go along with them; she can't wait for the leprechauns to come visit her on St. Patrick's Day :)

So get your paint in all the colors of the rainbow ready...

Cover some type of pan or tray with aluminum foil (or leave it uncovered if you don't mind washing paint off afterwards.)
You'll need some popsicle sticks and large white paper or poster-board sheets as well.

Put a few lines or blobs, whichever you prefer, of the rainbow paint (preferable in rainbow order) on your tray.

Using the popsicle sticks (or fingers if you want to be really daring!) make some lines...or squiggles...or zig zags through your paint to make it a little more fancy ;)

When you have a design you like, lay your paper down on top of the paint and gently smooth it out with your hands.

Peel it off and you'll have a pretty and bright print of your rainbow!

We made our first print then decided it needed to be a little crazier!!

Here are the two rainbow prints we made.

I love this on our "crazier" one: the way the colors run through each other almost like tie dye.

In addition to your St. Patrick's Day discussions, you can also talk about the colors and the way they mix. It's amazing how much kids will learn from the simplest projects!

"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work." -Unknown


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