Monday, March 26, 2012

Life is a Walk in the Park

Spring is in full swing and around here, last week brought in some warmer temperatures :) - and lots of pollen :( -  but despite the pollen, we decided to take full advantage of the sunny skies and spend an afternoon at the park. I'm not by any means a professional photographer, and though I try to take nice pictures, it doesn't always happen. Regardless, I refuse to let my lack of photography skills force me to miss capturing these beautiful moments in my family's life.

Here are some snaps of our outing:

 Alexis working on her balance...

...and helping Daddy with his balance.

 Vivi along for the ride in the warm sun.


I love the irony of this photo! Daddy enjoying the swing while Alexis watches mindfully in the background :) Usually it's the other way around but today, Alexis did not want to swing.

She much preferred to check out the bugs & the birds who make home in the trees. 

Exploring a little "off the beaten path." 

 I felt a little like I was photographing Sasquatch through the trees. I try to capture completely candid shots, but here Alexis spotted me & the camera spying.

 Looking for a walking stick to use.

Found a good walking stick. Always remember, no matter where you go, your Dad is never far behind watching ;)

Inspecting some "dinosaur eggs" in the path.

Got all three of them in one shot :) We had to stop and lay out the blanket so Vivi could get out of her seat and stretch her legs on such a beautiful day.

Playing on a warm spring day.

And then it got a liiittle warm, so I wiped her down with a baby wipe to help her keep cool. This is the wild hairstyle that resulted :)

Hope you enjoyed these few snap shots, go out and play today! :)
but don't forget to stop and smell the flowers...


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