Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In honor of our new turtle friend...Lunch!

Well...I can finally say it's official! After weeks of pushing it upon us with crafts and snacks, the warm weather here fueling my attempts...It IS Spring!

Welcome Spring!!
Welcome the bees, the birds, the bunnies, and the blossoms :)

And as if right on cue, this little guy came to visit us this morning in our yard...

Hey Baby Turtle!

Jimmy found this while cutting the grass this morning (lucky for baby turtle the lawn mower didn't find him first!) and brought him over to see Alexis. We were surprised she actually held it (she's normally scared to touch things) and those little fingers kept trying to close & squeeze him- notice Daddy's hand holding hers open ;) - What a great start to spring! We keep talking about the baby animals that are born/hatch in the spring and this little guy made his appearance at just the right time...

...and he inspired today's lunch. Thanks Baby Turtle for the inspiration!

Lunch today was a turtle's habitat along with all the things a turtle might eat (bugs, plants, etc.).

We made "Cinnamon Sugar Banana Turtle Shell Muffins" (will post recipe tomorrow), also inspired by Mr. Turtle. The muffin we made, obviously was the feature of this lunch. I used jell-o to cut out the rest of Mr. Turtle's body parts, and surprisingly, cutting the jell-o into the shapes I wanted wasn't as hard as I had anticipated. Mr. Turtle's eyes are candy pearls.

The "rose bush" is jell-o with raspberry "roses."

The "swamp" is "mud puddle" peanut butter, spread on the plate, sliced banana "rocks," jell-o grass, and some flower sprinkles for a little extra color.

The little bugs are blueberries, their legs are drawn on the plate with edible markers.

This lunch was a great learning experience. The whole time Alexis was eating, she was asking questions..."What's this?" "Where does a turtle live?" "Turtles eat bugs? Turtles eat plants?" She actually learned a lot from this lunch and she talked about our turtle friend from this morning as well :)

Happy First Day of Spring!!


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