Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Love You Thiiis Much!

We decided to mix it up a little for lunch today.
And because I love my baby sooooo much and she loves peanut butter sooooo much, I made her this for lunch :)

The big hearts are peanut butter spread on whole grain tortillas, with the jelly on top (like a layered PB&J). I cut them with my wonderful scalloped heart cookie cutter. I cut the strawberries into hearts by hand(cut the tops off, cut a little triangle out of the top, and cut them in half, voila!). Up top there on the left is an apple heart. I sliced the edge off an apple (so it had skin on top and a flat bottom), then hand cut it into a heart too using the same triangle cut like the strawberries. Up top on the other side is some yogurt in a bowl, and I made a heart out of blueberries on top.
This lunch was sprinkle and chocolate free...but...
She loved it <3

And I love you guys for reading this blog <3
Eat up!

*For allergies you can substitute soy butter or even cream cheese for the peanut butter :)


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