Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cookie-Cutter-Free Lunch

Making fun lunches for my little one(s) is indeed fun, and it is rewarding to see how excited she gets when I present them to her but sometimes, I'm just tired. This week has been super busy around here and lunch time sneaks up right behind me and before I know it, my three-year-old, who gets overly rambunctious and extremely selective hearing if she's at all hungry, is getting that wild-eye-look. I know it's coming so I need to feed her quickly, healthily, and I hate to let her down when she asks for a "surprise lunch," so instead of whipping out all my cookie cutters and sprinkles and shapes, I opted for a throw-together kind of lunch - with all the fun - and none of the special tools. Easy(er)...(except it's spelled "easier" with an 'i').

Really the only cutting I did was for the butterfly's body and the sun. The bowl the flower/mud/grass was my "stencil" for the cheese I used for the sun. I just laid the bowl on top of the cheese and cut around it with a knife. The butterfly's body I cut free-hand in an oval-ish shape. The butterfly is diced chicken breast that I shaped free-hand into something that looks a little like a set of wings. Its eyes (or antennae, I wasn't sure which but he looked naked without them) are blueberries.

The rays of the sun are banana pieces as are the petals of the flower in the bowl.  The bowl is filled with chocolate pudding "mud" and some green coconut "grass" (see how to make green coconut "grass" here). The center of the flower and the flowers in the grass on the plate are raspberries and blueberries.

There you have it, a special little lunch for your special little preschooler with no special  tools or food items needed.

When I gave it to her, Alexis said "Oh, a beeeautiful day!"
Yes it was!


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  1. another fantastic one Emily! puts a big smile on my face visiting your blog :)