Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cheesecake Raspberries



Eat a bunch. They're relatively low-cal for tasting so good ;)

Notice: now one is missing.
Can't imagine what happened to it??

Took me 2 minutes to throw this plate together.

...and about 15 seconds between Alexis & I to clean it off.
No. This photo was not posed. Totally candid :) She climbed up to the table while I was taking pictures and snatched some. Also take note, she is first picking the ones with the most filling.

So I had leftover filling from making the Easter Basket Puffs and I also had some raspberries, which you can see made cameo appearances in all the lunches I made this week. Then it hit me!

I was pretty proud of these and I carried the plate to the living room to show Jimmy, meanwhile, Alexis had climbed up to the counter and called to me from the kitchen (pointing at the counter) "Mommy, bring those back over here so I can eat them all." probably have some left over cream cheese filling if you happened to make the Easter Basket Puffs I posted yesterday, but if not, you can find the recipe here. If your filling is already in a freezer bag or decorator's bag, just stick the snipped off end into the raspberry and fill. You could hull strawberries and fill them too.

These were Heaven, at least for me & Alexis.
A perfect little, fresh treat.

Happy Snacking!!


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  1. great treats! wow, these look so yummy and I absolutely LOVE raspberries :)

    thanks for sharing!