Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating March with Lunch

"March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb,"
is the old saying that inspired this lunch.

Though, I must give a little disclaimer before you see the picture: don't laugh at my fish-like "lamb," he didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but my daughter LOVED this lunch nonetheless ;) Also, sorry for all the shadows on the plate. I'm not a "photographer" though I try, and I don't like to use flash when I photograph my food. Unfortunately, this lion-like day happened to be filled with dark gloomy weather and I haven't figured out how to create "false" natural light.


Okay so Mr. Lion is made using my trusty flower-shaped cookie cutter for his mane, which was cheese on top of whole grain tortilla and his head was cut by hand (but you could much easier do it with a round cookie cutter, I just didn't have the right size) and it is whole grain tortilla on top of turkey.
Essentially he was a wacky layered sandwich.
His cheeks are banana slices, eyes are mini M&Ms (for yes, dessert :)  ) and his nose is a candy melt cut into a triangle.
Okay, lamb. Oh, Mr. (fish) lamb. He is turkey on whole grain tortilla cut with an egg-shaped cookie cutter. Then I used the flower-shaped cookie cutter and cut white cheese, only using the edge of the cutter. Each cut gave me one scalloped strip; I layered four or five to make his wool. His eye, ear, and two legs are mini M&Ms and his mouth I drew with edible marker.
She also had some yogurt with pretty spring flower sprinkles, and blueberries & bananas lining the plate.

Let's talk about the "March." First, don't worry it's written in edible marker so it's okay she licked it ;)
Second, I think it looks a little tacky BUT I do all of this in the name of fun and learning for my children's sake, and lately we've been working on letter and word recognition. I want her to start to be familiar with words, for instance, months of the year. This particular lunch was an ode to the month of March, so in this case, a little tacky worked (for learning purposes, of course)!

Happy March!


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    Your blog is super cute! I LOVE all your craft ideas for kids, how clever are you??