Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brownie-Stuffed Cupcakes

Decadence, I tell you, Dec-a-dence!

I was in the mood to bake something fabulous but wasn't quite sure what exactly that would be.  I generally keep a supply of basic baking and decorating supplies on hand so I was perusing the options. There I was, standing in front of the pantry like a teenager in front of the refrigerator: aimlessly, hoping something I hadn't yet seen would appear before my very eyes. Obviously, nothing appeared but as I looked at the two boxes of mix, I had an "Aha!" moment and the idea for my newest obsession (besides crescent rolls, of course) was born:

Too good to be true???
NOPE. There it is! Brownie-stuffed cupcakes.
Those who know me best or have known me through either of my two pregnancies especially, know that brownies are probably my biggest weakness. I also love cupcakes.
1 treat(Brownie + Cupcake) = Perfect

These really do taste as amazing as they look. Actually, probably more amazing than they look. They have been a big hit around our house since they came out of the oven, even before they received their frosting. And yep, you guessed it, they were easy to make!

You'll need:
1 box yellow cake mix (+ ingredients on box)
1 SMALL (snack size) box of brownie mix (+ ingredients on box)
Chocolate frosting

*Note: It's best to use a cake mix and brownie mix that bake at approximately the same temperatures for similar times. The brownie box can suggest a few more minutes than the cake box because you'll be baking far less brownie batter than a traditional 8x8 pan a snack-size box recommends.

2 batters.
Make them each as per box recipe.

Line your muffin/cupcake pan with cupcake liners.
Drop a scoop of cake mix into each cupcake liner (about 1/3 full).
Right on top of that, drop a slightly smaller scoop of brownie batter (yep, right on top).
Top those two layers with another, even smaller layer of cake batter.
That's it. Really.

Mine baked at 350* for right around 20 minutes (brownie box said 23 minutes, but they did not need that long) and came out beautiful.

Allow to cool completely.
They look a little like blueberry muffins...but with chocolate :)

A few things to remember:
Brownie batter is heavier than cake batter, so your blop of brownie will sink towards the bottom as it bakes.

It helps to make the bottom deeper with cake batter when preparing your cupcakes to go in the oven.
Also remember, the cake will spread and rise, so the top layer of cake batter does not need to be huge. In fact, it doesn't even have to COMPLETELY cover the brownie batter, as it rises while baking, it will.

Once cool, top with chocolate frosting.

Done. YUM!





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