Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tie Dye Hearts

Tomorrow, or rather today I suppose based on the time is Valentine's Day and it is my second favorite, maybe third, or fourth?? Okay, I love all holidays so I try to get in the spirit and show my kids what's fun about them as well. I love the pink and red combo that comes along with V-Day and the hearts and cupcakes and Xs and Os. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. We've actually been doing a lot of Valentine's crafts here at our house but I'm still trying to get a jump on blogging them, so I will do my best to catch up. Here's a simple one that Alexis ended up loving and talking about for days. We actually did two variations of the same activity...

Coffee filters cut into hearts (do ahead of time for younger kids, let older kids do themselves)
Spray bottles
Food coloring
Washable markers
A big  tray or work surface that will hold water
A place to put wet hearts to dry

 I had her color the hearts however she wanted with washable markers.
 Then, on the tray, spray them with water. Voila! Simple as pie. She sprayed them A LOT so the colors bled a lot and ended up looking more like stained glass but adorable nonetheless. You can definitely try pattern and amount of water variations to get other results.

 Round 2. This time we added food coloring to water. We did red and purple for Valentine's Day. *You have to add a lot of food coloring or else the colors look very watered down.
 Spray the hearts with the colored water however you please :)
 Lay all the hearts flat to dry.
I used wax paper. I'm not sure why but probably just because it was there but we ended up with a surprise result when the hearts were dry. The picture below is just the wax paper, no heart coffee filters. The colors bled and absorbed into the wax paper so we ended up with an exact replica of each heart we made to cut out and use. I sense another project idea coming on ;)
Tomorrow, we are going to use the hearts we made to make another project.


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  1. That is so easy to do! And would be a great process for any time of the year!