Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Subject

So I've been thinking, my oldest baby bird, Alexis is quite the precocious one, shall I say? She's amazingly smart,  witty, feisty, slightly rambunctious and has an attitude at times. There are days she really makes me crazy, but every day she makes me smile (even if I have to turn my head so she doesn't see me laugh at her naughty behavior). "Kids say the darndest things" and Alexis may top them all. I've been thinking for a while I need to start keeping track of the things she says in a baby book or something so she can look over later in life just why her Mama is crazy, but I'm terrible at keeping up with baby books...I'm much better at blogging. With that, I think I'm going to start a new topic/page on this blog, "The World According to Alexis" to give my readers a little chuckle every now and then when she says something that just leaves you...speechless.

So allow me to catch you up on a few that I can remember that have happened recently. I'll post new ones as I remember them or as she says them...

- Alexis was being particularly naughty one day. Her Pop Pop said "Alexis is going to get in trouble..." to which she promptly responded:
"No I not, I'm cute!"

- Lately, she's been refusing to eat all of her dinner and wanting to skip right to dessert. I tell her "If you don't eat your dinner, you won't grow big and strong." Last night she didn't want to eat.
Me: Alexis, you need to finish your dinner.
...weeell, I mean, okay?

- I bumped into the door and knocked the thing hanging on it down...
Alexis: "why you have a big butt, Mommy?"

-Alexis: (fake cough cough) Mommy (pitiful), I sick too, I have a headache too. I just need to snuggle with you in your bed and play the Kindle

       Did I mention she's also an actress? She had sympathy illness from my ailments, you see. Such an empathetic three year old.

-We went to a store where you make your own teddy bears for her birthday and she was extra grumpy that day. She made a bear and named it "Sprinkles" and I told her she could have any outfit she wanted to put on the bear...
Alexis: No, I want my bear NAKED!

-Speaking of Sprinkles, I made a bear for her baby sister while we were there and he remained nameless as I couldn't decide on a name. The next day I asked her to name Vivi's bear...
Alexis: How about Sprinkles too?
Me: No, your bear is Sprinkles already.
Alexis: Okay, weeeeell, how about "Cupcake Spots."

      Oh in other words, 'Sprinkles' the roundabout way?

When I imagine her future, I usually envision a lawyer or a comedian. Will update with new chuckles as she gives them to me!


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