Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lunch for Little Lads & Lassies

I promised I wouldn't leave you hanging with St. Patrick's Day ideas before the holiday - I brainstormed this lunch while I was making yesterday's lunch and I was SO excited to make it and post it! We've been talking about the upcoming holiday and all it's about, so for lunch today we ate only things that are green (I love this one!)

The Shamrocks are turkey and cheese on green (spinach) wraps. I cut out the leaves with a small heart-shaped cookie cutter and then I used the same cookie cutter to snip off a piece for each stem as well.
There is green yogurt with green flower sprinkles.
Green grapes of course that are being wrangled in by a green cookie cutter (I didn't have a Shamrock shape, so the flower was a stand in).
The little green-dot garnishes on the wrap and the plate are mini green M&Ms.
(I am such a stickler about how much sugar and "junk" my kids eat, but Alexis really loves chocolate so as long as she's eating her good food too, I let her have juuuust a little bit)

She was so excited about this one, too! In fact, she gets excited every day when I make her "special lunches." She's now even giving me "suggestions" when she hears me mention it's time to make lunch. Every day she has a "special lunch" she just about cleans the entire plate, all with a smile on her face. So awesome!

Eat (Green) Food!


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