Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping Into Spring!...with lunch

We did two awesome St. Patrick's Day projects/activities this morning then it was time to make lunch. I told myself I was not going to blog lunch today, that I needed to post a craft but I have just found myself so excited about making, presenting Alexis with, and blogging these "special lunches" that I couldn't help myself. I promise I will post our two St. Patty's projects tomorrow and Friday, but in honor of leap day...we had a lunch that leaps!

I've seen a lot of frog things done for leap year and I wanted to do something different. "What else leaps? jumps? hops?....A rabbit!" So not only was this lunch conducive to some leap year conversations, but also perfect for celebrating spring :)

So here it is...

The bunny is a turkey and cheese sandwich (wrap). His head is made from a bunny-shaped cookie cutter, his body is an egg-shaped cookie cutter and his legs (and arms!) are from my trusty ol' small-heart-shaped cutter (I've found so many uses for a heart shape lately, unbelievable. PS: his arms are each half a heart).
The bunny's eyes are sliced bananas and half blueberries, his nose is a pink candy melt cut into a triangle, and his teeth are a white chocolate chip with the sides chopped off (for, you guessed it!, "dessert").
His belly is sliced bananas, as is the ground he's standing on.
The carrot is a turkey and cheese wrap with the cheese on the outside. When I cut it out, I left off the top portion because the sprouts on top of this carrot are broccoli.
All the black you see (bunny's paws and toes, lines on the carrot) are made with edible food markers.
And of course, the pretty blue sky is blueberries :)

"Hoppy" Leap Day!!!


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