Friday, February 17, 2012

"Happy Happy Birthday to you!"

For any of you parents of little ones who watch the Sprout channel, you might get a kick out of this "caking" project. For my niece's first birthday, I made her a cake that looked like Chica. Characters can be tricky but luckily for me, this one turned out and the kids all recognized her.

I'm not as proficient in crafty cakes as I'd like to be yet, so her head is not edible but I did make it myself. For her head I used an orange ball, and craft foam sheets which I cut to be her beak, eye lashes, crest, and the top part of her yellow "feather" collar. Big googly eyes of course, too.
The cake however, I did make and shaped to be her body then using decorator bags, iced it with self-dyed icing so I got just the right colors.

Her "nest" is edible too - I used a chocolate icing base, and chow mein noodles for the twigs and such. 

I served her up with chocolate birds nest cupcakes with Peanut M&M eggs (the cupcake in the back is a peanut free one).
If you don't know Sprout, it's a great educational channel for kids. Most of their shows kids can actually learn from, it's one thing I don't feel guilty about letting my little ones watch too much ;)


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