Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun with (Healthy) Food

So I'm ashamed AND proud to admit that this weekend I whipped out one of my two baby food makers for the first time...and I've had them since my eldest daughter was a baby. At the advice of our pediatrician, I wanted to feed my little one some avocado because of the richness of good fats among the other health benefits. This was music to my ears because I LOVE avocado, any where, any time.
I was fairly certain, knowing her, the unique texture and taste wouldn't go over too well, at least not at first, so I wanted to make it more appetizing. I decided to mix it with banana after hearing recommendations of others who have done the baby-avocado thing.
Pitted and peeled an avocado then diced up half of it in small pieces. Half of that went into my baby food maker and the other half went onto my preschooler's dinner plate.
Then I diced up about 1/3 of a banana and added that to the baby food maker as well.
Snap the top on and grind away.
I used Munchkin's Baby Food Grinder and it was so quick, so simple, and most importantly...easy clean up!
It made a nice little Avocado-Banana puree. I stirred it a little and it was perfect. My little one is still super picky, especially with texture and it was a little thick. Next time, I think I might add some breast milk or formula to thin it out a bit. She ate a few bites but would much rather do this with it...
So our healthy dinner turned into a little healthy sensory learning instead, which is fine with me! I ended up putting it in a mesh feeding bag because she chewed on it and probably ate more...but there was avocado-banana puree head to toe so the amount is disputable. 
Though it's messy, playing with and feeling food helps babies to learn about the world around them.
Watching her have fun was priceless and she (and the high chair cover) went straight to the bath after this!

What quick & easy foods do you whip up for your babies??
Happy Pureeing!


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