Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fun Fine-Motor Finger Food

Lunch is served...Now play with it!!
Today we made Alexis a playful little lunch just for fun and I was rather pleased with the results, both how it turned out and how she interacted with..err..ate it!  It was SO easy, no over-thinking or prep work and we used things that most people already have at home.
Now isn't this just ADORABLE!? And so easy...
It's a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread (for allergies, you could do cream cheese, banana, and honey..yummm...or really any sandwich. I liked how 1/3 of the banana went to the sandwich and the rest worked perfectly as a garnish. I told my husband "I love when things work out perfectly like this, it's like it was meant to be!" yes, I know, it's just lunch, but I enjoy the little things). I picked up a puzzle-shaped sandwich cutter at a local grocery store and used it to make our sandwich more fun.
I sprinkled the plate with blueberries then thin sliced the rest of the banana from the sandwich to make a pretty border around the plate.

Alexis had a lot of fun playing with her puzzle before she ate it (the whole thing). I like to incorporate learning whenever I can, so this was some good fine-motor practice as she put together the pieces, as well as a little problem-solving skills.
She ate almost every bite of this lunch ;)


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