Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did It With Daddy - Birdhouses

It was Daddy's turn to craft with the princess so he decided on birdhouses. I was pleased since we are still talking a lot about birds and these go along great with the bird feeders we made a while back. We also have some left over bird seed so it was just meant to be, I think.
Now, Daddy's day- job involves engineering and building so the birdhouses started to get a little complicated ;) I reminded him we were preschool crafting so he took off the working drawbridge and made a little simpler design.
This is what you'll need. Small and Large popsicle sticks (48 large and 25 small should be plenty, even if you need a few re-dos). Glue and paint/paint brushes. Simple = Great!
Make your first wall with six large popsicle sticks, crossed by a layer of three or four running horiztonal on top, about 3/4inch in from end of bottom sticks. Make two of these for two of the outer walls. Attach with glue. Younger kids should use school-glue as it is safer but it does take a while to dry. I would try hot glue with (much) older children.
Next add your tops and bottoms (roof and floor) by standing your two sides up and gluing another row of six large sticks along your four layered popsicle sticks of each side-wall. Do flip and do the same on the other side. You may have to wait a few moments for the glue to set some.
You should now have a hollow cube that you could stick your arm through. Next, glue a row of six or seven large sticks over one open side to create the back wall of your bird house.
Now this next part is a little tricky, but nothing impossible! Making the front with opening and a little perch for birdie to land on...
This is our finished product! As you can see, we added two large sticks running verticle on either side on the final side left open. Then, on top of those, we attached four large sticks running horizontal. This made the front wall with a little opening to fill with bird seed. Make a perch that extends a few inches by gluing several small popsicle sticks inside the birdhouse, perpendicular to the "floor boards" and leaving them extending past the "door" some.
Then comes my (and Alexis') favorite part...decorating! We gave her paint and brushes and let her at it. She had so much fun and painted for quite some time.
When it dries, we will fill it with birdseed and set it outside and watch who comes to visit!

Happy bird watching!


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  1. Very cute! Something my boys and my little lady can do with Daddy... :)