Monday, February 27, 2012

Buggy for Spring!

Spring is coming and I'm ready for it! We haven't had any snow this winter which is a huge disappointment to me, so if it's not going to snow, bring on the flowers and butterflies and pastel colors. The spring bug definitely bit me this morning while deciding what to make for lunch.

The topic of conversation between Alexis and I this morning was bugs...all types of bugs, what they do, what they eat and her favorite question about everything lately, "Does it bite?" So with spring in mind and Alexis interested in bugs, I made her this lunch:

The butterfly is a cheese sandwich cut out with some spring-shape cookie cutters I picked up at the store the other day (I grab as I see, Carpe Craft-items!)
I used the end of a straw to punch out some more cheese dots to decorate the butterfly's wings and antennae. The body is another piece of cheese I hand cut and laid on top. He also has some flower sprinkles to decorate his wings.
The caterpillar is made of sliced bananas, icing eye and mouth, and pastel colored sprinkles for his antennae.
She had pink and blue yogurt in a small bowl, garnished with flower sprinkles and more bananas.
Now my personal favorite part, the lady bugs are red candy melts (white chocolate) which I decorated to look like lady bugs with a little black icing. That was her "dessert" and she really did eat those last :)

She was so excited when I presented her the lunch plate, her excitement was priceless!
And of course, she made the connection and our bug conversation continued all through lunch.
A little learning lunch.

Happy (early) Spring!


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