Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Can Learn, Too!

While big sister is busy learning about birds and nature and Valentine's Day, baby wants to get hands on too!
Puzzles like this are great for fine motor and cognitive development, and even a little emotional development as well! You can't see because here hand is on it, but there are little pegs atop each of these animals to grasp to list the piece out of it's spot. It took her a few tries, but she got it. Working that 'pincer grasp!' Milestone!

It works a baby's brain (cognitive) too because they have to work those problem solving skills in order to figure out how to remove and then replace the pieces in the right spot. We talked about what the animals' names are too.

We had a little emotional development work going on too. At some point, she was in need of a snooze and was getting frustrated that she couldn't quite grasp the piece so I helped her to calm down, showed her again and helped her to do it right.

Amazing how much you can get from a little puzzle! ;)


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